About Us

The philosophy of Moodstore Duka is to collect beautiful and unique products from all over the world and sell them to beautiful and unique people like you. All products are made by people who earn a fair wage and work under good conditions. Tracing these exceptional products may take a lot of work, the ability to meet creative people that are passionate about their work, makes it all worthwhile. I select my products with the same level of love and passion as their makers. I bet you will feel and see the soul of the designer in your product.

All jewellery, handbags, gifts and some clothing lines are handmade and ecologically produced. Take care of the climate and make a conscious shopping effort. Online shopping is very practical and easy, but I would like to invite you to come and have a look in our physical shop when you visit Bruges. The beguinage area is one of the most beautiful locations in Bruges and the vibes @Duka are unrivalled 😘.

Thanks for buying online, but nevertheless hoping to see you soon!